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Learn how to see the joy and love as we assist people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating diagnosis. How can we, as caregivers, walk through this journey, assisting our loved ones to live life fully? There is a rainbow in the storm, and we, the caregivers, are often the ones that need to be able to look upward. The person with dementia is still the same person that you know; yet he or she is different and unable at times to comprehend what is happening. How can we prepare and embrace these individuals as they travel this road? The frequency of this disease is increasing and now

is the time to view it as we do other diseases. People can live fulfilling lives with this disability. We, the caregivers, are the solution as we learn to embrace and enjoy the journey. There is no easy route, and there will be setbacks and crises. I offer

this book as simply another tool to assist you along the way.

* Discover how you can make a difference through!

    acceptance and gratitude.

* Understand the changes that are taking place.

* Learn how to take care of yourself.

* Find the gifts along the journey.

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