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Guardianship/Care Managment


As Professional Guardians and Case Managers, we rely on our expertise and experience to help you and your families prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, and to help you cope with various life changes associated with aging. Being well acquainted with senior providers and resources we can offer:


  • Care Management and Family Consulting

  • Court Appointed Legal Guardianship

  • Assistance for Family Guardians

  • Group and individual Dementia Care Training

  • Referrals and recommendations based on individual needs

  • Personalized support selecting service providers and communities


SRC will assist you with your challenges utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience. Working with families and individuals, we plan, assess, coordinate, and monitor services for older people. Handled with compassion and understanding, multiple services are provided for the well-being of our clients. Education and advocacy are ongoing and current, focusing on the individual's wants and needs while promoting dignity and independence.



Senior Resource Consultants, Inc. promotes positive aging and wellness through advocacy and education.

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